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Process serving is the method by which legal documents that give notice to a court action are personally delivered to a person involved in the lawsuit.  There are a variety of different court documents that may require use of a process server, including but not limited to:

  1. Statement of Claim

  2. Originating Application

  3. Claim under the Family Law Act

  4. Civil Claim

  5. Affidavits and Applications 

  6. Subpoenas

At Noble Services Inc., we have experience in serving all types of court documents, including those noted above and others.  Following our successful service, we provide our clients with a sworn Affidavit of Service which is required by the courts to prove that service was effected on the individual.  

In the unfortunate case where we cannot successfully serve an individual, whether they are evading service or we are not given a current address, we provide our clients with an Affidavit of Attempted Service upon their instruction.  We do whatever we can to ascertain the whereabouts of an individual to aid our clients in being able to obtain an Order for Substitutional Service.

Clients can provide us their documents and instructions by email to or by sending them by mail or courier to our office address.

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